the wedding

This morning, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. to head to the State Theatre for a live broadcast of THE wedding. Along with about 500 other people! I had a blast.
Here are a few thoughts on the big wedding…

  • Pippa stole the show. That dress? Gorgeous. I’m a bit concerned about her tan though…
  • The Queen looked just darling in yellow, didn’t she? I wanted to squeeze her soft, fleshy arms and give her a big hug, but I think that might be frowned upon.
  • I love scones with strawberry jam. And earl grey tea. And mini cornish pasties. And mimosas.
  • This inescapable urge to wear hats more often just won’t go away.
  • Harry is a lot cuter than William. And I feel a bit sorry for William. Losing his hair before age 30? Yikes!
  • My favorite part? Hearing William and Kate’s voices while exchanging their vows. I’m not sure I breathed. It really WAS just like a movie.
  • My prediction for the most popular baby names for 2011-2012? Pippa, Kate, Will.
  • I guess I’m a sucker for tradition, pomp & circumstance. Didn’t even know it!
  • Wondering how heavy those big black hats are that the Buckingham Palace guards wear? And how do you store one of those when you’re not wearing it?
  • It goes without saying (err, writing too) that Kate looked absolutely stunning. Although I think the eyeliner was a bit too heavy.
  • The music was beautiful – I just love those boy choirs. But I was concerned that so many of the young boys were already wearing glasses. What’s up with the British eyesight?!
  • I got to sit next to a real live princess: Baby Margo! I’m so glad my good friend, Kristen, invited me to go. What a memorable event!
They are just too cute, right?! And at 3:45 a.m. too!
Did you watch the wedding, lovelies? What did you think? Is this all just ridiculous? Yes, a bit. But it’s fun, no?!

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  1. Nothing ridiculous about this at all. I’ve always envied the English for their very English ways … what could have been more romantic than a royal wedding, with a commoner to boot? But really, there’s nothing common about Kate, is there? Can’t wait for them to start having babies and see what they name them. I didn’t realize Queen Elizabeth was 85 but frumpy as always. Of course, it couldn’t be any other way. I wonder if she’ll live as long as the Queen Mother did. I hope there are a lot of pints lifted in toasts to the couple in all the pubs tonight!

  2. OK. I have no idea how I stumbled here, just jumping from blog to blog like midnight welcomes. But, oh. My. I SO would have been with you at the theater. Lovely evening. Fun post.

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