icy down south

Just got back from a quick trip down south. Chicago! While we were in the Windy City, we got to see our nieces perform in their annual ice skating show. It was so much fun AND I had a great reason to try out my new camera lens. Here are a couple interesting pics for you…

Made me wonder what kind of activities the little birdie will enjoy when she’s a little older… Soccer? Interpretive dance? Basketball? The drums? What’s your perspective on kids activities? Do you like to expose your kiddos to lots of different things or do you choose one or two things and make them stick with it, ala Tiger Mom? Maybe a combination? Or do you prefer to have more of a home-centered life and not try to do too many outside activities? I’d love to hear your perspective!

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  1. hi ash — i have no perspective so far. will keep you posted. just trying to get through each with some amount of fun for my little one. she is clearly showing a preference for outdoors (who wouldn’t?!) so perhaps her favorites activities will involve (ie. soccer vs dance?). anyways, hope you had a nice trip. what kind of lens did you get? I’m branching out with my camera equip and just got a new lens (50mm prime) last month. exciting.
    take care!!! doreen

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