it’s paczki time

Happy Fat Tuesday to you, lovelies! Even though I’m not Catholic, I went to a Catholic school and some of the rituals have stuck with me. Especially the part about eating lots of decadent food on Fat Tuesday in preparation for giving up something for Lent. Since I feel like I’ve been on a major junk food, sugar-laden bender since the run-up to Halloween (!), I’m more than ready for a ritual cleansing fast. Do you follow a similar ritual? Or do you just like the part about eating a paczki or two? OK, me too.

And the little birdie is apparently a paczki fan too! Are you?

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  1. I’m going with carmel macchiato ice cream today…. And I suppose I should think about giving something up. More to get rid of my post-baby innertube!

  2. Yes – the donut, packzi or not, is the perfect food. Sugar, fat, soft and chewy inside and just a little crisp outside, covered with powdered sugar to dribble all down the front of you.

    But …. I am determined to JUST SAY NO. I know once I start, I won’t be able to stop …..

    Happy packzi day to you, too!!!

  3. I remember moving down here to NC for college and thinking about packzi on Fat Tuesday. My friends had no clue what I was talking about … and in my head I can hear that commercial ” you don’t have to be polish to polish off a packzi!” – so ingrained in my memories. anyways, I had some fun educating them about packzis.

    It’s been years since I’ve had a chance to eat one….

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