Breaking news from Wren’s nest! Pigtails have arrived. A couple of pink ponytail holders and an energetic round of toddler wrangling later… voila! The little birdie turned right into a little girlie girl. They didn’t stay in long, but we keep trying to get the wild hair away from the world’s sweetest face. Any tips, lovelies?


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  1. Ah! The art of taming the madness. Ava has what I fondly refer to as a “Rat’s Nest” at the back of her head. It’s a mass of knotted up hair that she refuses to let me brush. I’ve already used a scissors once. I sympathize.

    • Yes, we have a rat’s nest here too. I think it started when the little birdie put yogurt in her hair. She likes to pretend she’s washing her hair…

  2. We use one hair clip and part to the side, conditioner in the bath and spray on conditioner in the back when we brush the rat’s nest. And if it is a really special day or if she just asks me to when i am doing mine I switch my dryer to warm and use a small round brush to dry her hair and then it looks beautiful!

    • Thanks for the great ideas! At this point, even the sight of a hairdryer sends the birdie running so we’ll have to break her in to that…

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