Happy Anniversary #6

Happy Anniversary to us! We’ve been married six years. Actually, we both thought it was our fifth anniversary until two anniversary cards from our parents confirmed that it was indeed our 6th. My, how time flies… I thought I’d take the opportunity to peruse some photos from our special day. Of course, a wedding is just the beginning of a marriage, but it was a beautiful, thoughtful beginning anyway. We got so very lucky because late September near the 45th parallel can be like it is today, blustery and chilly. Or it can be like our wedding day, 75 and sunny. My Dad would call it a “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day. A few pics for you to enjoy!

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  1. Happy, happy day! I think I remember running into you that very morning eating breakfast in TC? I hope you’re having a cozy day together. Six is a good year–we just celebrated ours a month ago!

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