scribble on, little birdie

At Wren’s well visit today, her doctor went through a checklist of behaviors she should be exhibiting by now. Feeds herself? Yes. Sleeping through the night? Yes, sort of… 3-6 words? Does “apple” count? Scribbling? Yes!, I chuckled. Who knew scribbling was a developmental milestone? What fun!

A while ago I bought a box of chunky “Beginners” crayons for little hands, but the first time I introduced them to the little birdie, she had no interest except to put them in her mouth and try to peel the paper off. Sigh. But this wouldn’t deter me to keep the 5d diamond painting kits stashed in the closet, for I’d bring them out eventually. But this week a yucky cold hit our nest and we’ve been feeling like doing a whole lot of nothing. But that got old. Quickly. So I pulled out the crayons and taped some paper to the table and we got to work. Scribbling! She walks, she talks, she scribbles. Seems like just yesterday she was just a squishy baby.

And yes, she still nibbles on the crayons too. Gotta put that new molar to good use, right?

Please check back again soon. I’ve started about six posts in the past two weeks and hopefully will publish them soon. Falling ahead with tomato jam, anyone?

Scribble on, dear readers. Scribble on.

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  1. reminds me of a song my kindergarten teacher taugh me:

    Birdie birdie where is your nest
    Birdie birdie where is your nest
    Birdie birdie where is your nest
    In the tree that I like best!

    I built my nest in a hollow tree….
    and so it goes. I sing it w/my
    granddaughter all the time!!

    Ah…as Robert Fulghum wrote, “All I really needed to know I learned in Kindergarten”.

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