grill envy

We’ve got a tiny (old, yucky) grill that (mostly) works fine for our needs, but this pint-sized¬†Bodum Grill in a rainbow of delicious colors? Love! At just about $50, doesn’t this make a great wedding gift, or maybe a gift for yourself just because you always could use a little more color, right? I’m not sure what color I would pick because although my gut always screams “orange!” the others are equally yummy. What say you, dear readers? It also comes in black, off white and yellow. Love!

How’s your grilling going lately? I got some peaches at yesterday’s farmer’s market and I’m thinking of grilling a couple and trying this recipe for grilled peaches with fresh raspberry sauce.

Sounds (and looks) just heavenly, doesn’t it? Do you like to grill fruit, or do you think it’s a waste of a perfectly good piece of fresh fruit? Any tips you’d like to share with me?

Happy Thursday! Where did the week go anyway? Yikes.

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  1. I WANT ONE OF THOSE GRILLS!!!!!!! Where can I get one? I want a green and pink one – it would be PERFECT for one or two people. AND – those peaches look absolutely DIVINE. Where do you come up with all these very cool things, my darling daughter? xox

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