Roen’s vintage nook!

Happy Thursday, dear readers. I wanted to share an inspiring nursery space with you. I think you’ll enjoy the tour of Roen’s nook! Colorful, funky, delightful.

I know more than a few people who would’ve turned on their heels and bolted for the door when they saw the shag carpeting and dark, hole-filled paneling of the future nursery space for their first daughter. Forest and Aaron saw the potential in the surprisingly light-filled nook. A lot of sweat equity, a few coats of eco-friendly paint and a desire to balance new and old have paid off for Roen’s lovely space. Forest is a consummate thrifter and finds beauty in gently used, hand-picked delights.

In an age when most nurseries too often end up looking like photos straight out of a catalog or just like the girl next door, Roen’s a lucky little lady to have a one-of-a-kind colorful nook with thoughtfully chosen pieces. Certainly like none other on her block.

Thanks for the blast from the past, Forest and Aaron!

0 thoughts on “Roen’s vintage nook!

  1. Lovely nursery. As my children got older, they played with (and broke) my vintage toys… so put ’em up high!
    (And at some point I found it very funny that a toy I considered “vintage” was stamped as being manufactured in the same year I was born.)

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