Dig for Victory

While on the one hand I’m immeasurably happier when there’s a full bag of pretzels in the cupboard, our nest is consciously trying to eat whole foods, more locally grown produce and cook most days of the week instead of going out to eat. We’re also working on getting the garden going too so I’m inspired by the timeless nature of this quote from 70+ years ago: “We want not only the big man with the plough but the little man with the spade to get busy this autumn. Let ‘Dig for Victory’ be the motto of everyone with a garden,” – Rob Hudson, Minister for Agriculture, in October 1939.

So this Etsy find appeals to my sensibilities. It’s a new design based on a US Food Administration poster from the World Wars. Have room in your kitchen for it?

I’m equally as smitten by this t-shirt, which is based on a Depression-era design as well. What do you think, dear readers? Although it comes in other colors, isn’t this green the best choice?

How’s your Victory Garden coming along? Mine is WAY behind or maybe these 90+ days are making me feel like it and I’m OK. I noticed LOTS of starts at the farmer’s market this past weekend, which made me smile. Don’t you love the hope that’s embodied in the first leaves of a musk melon? Cheers, lovelies!

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  1. I LUV the poster. How homey, true and worth remembering. Looks pretty cool, too. Wonder if that’s the original design, or a remake?

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