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Lightly blogging this week as you might have noticed… So what’s been going on in our nest? Well, thanks for asking. The little birdie’s top teeth (3!) are popping through and sleep is finally creeping back on the agenda. Whew.

Three teeth at one time? Yeah, this little lady doesn’t do anything half-assed. You’ve got to admire that about a person, right? At least I do. Especially when I look at my growing “to do” list and the junk piling up on my desk. And the Cheerios on the floor because she doesn’t eat any of them, but likes to watch them fly off the table. And the blue linen shirt that needs a button front-and-center so my Mamma boobs don’t fall out. And the tomatoes that need to be transplanted AGAIN. And the, well you get the point. Yikes.


Also, truth be told, it’s been absolutely lovely here and that means that the ole lapper-topper gets used a bit less. This has been the nicest spring I can remember. Sunny sun sun. And a few nighttime thunderstorms to green things up. So we’ve been taking lots of walks and enjoying where we live. Eating on the porch, walking down to get a cone, checking out all the tulips, lilacs and flowering trees. We’ve been totally spoiled. And we’re lapping it up while we can. Because this is northern Michigan and snow is in the forecast. Yup. (Sorry to drop the bomb, locals!)

What’s been happening in your nest? Have any Mother’s Day plans? Enjoy your day, I’m off to snuggle with my little birdie who’s waking up from her snooze. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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  1. She’s just so adorable. Everything you wrote sounds completely, predictably normal. No worries! Take advantage of the beautiful weather while you can. Pretty soon we’ll all be complaining about the heat and humidity, and not enough rain, yada yada. It’s beautiful here today, too – with a possible thunderstorm in the forecast for this afternoon – that would be fine, too. xoxooxo

  2. hyland’s teething tablets, have you discovered them yet? pure genius, homeopathic and at oryana!

    how’s your pear turn out? curious about your decision…

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