pear help needed!

I’ve been working on a gift for a special someone and I’m stuck. So close to being done and yet, so far… Can I get your help, sewing wizards?

It’s a simple stuffed pear pillow thingy and I’m happy with how it’s come out so far, but I can’t figure out how to close it up without seeing the end stitches and a “slip stitch” is frustrating me. Any suggestions? Remember, I’m new at this sewing thing so sometimes what might be obvious to you, is simply NOT to me.

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  1. It’s not as pretty, but I right-side out the pillow and hand/machine stitch the last “stuffing gap”. If you can pick a symmetrical spot for the “stuffing gap” like the bottom or top of the pear…. it may even look like part of the design instead of sloppy. Sorry my comment doesn’t help you out now 🙁

  2. cool fabric! It’s true that an invisible stitch isn’t really invisible. smaller stitches are less obvious of course, but I agree with forestnative. I would probably sew up the top, open a hole in the bottom, restuff and machine stitch it closed with a little colored thread, making it a design element. Or if you hand stitch it there it won’t show.
    Good luck!

    • The fabric is from JoAnn – thanks! I love the idea, now I get it… I might skip over the slip stitch lesson for now and go for the added detail idea… It needed something anyway!

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