Whew, it’s been quite a week in our nest. The little birdie has discovered the joys of mobility and it’s been thrilling and exhausting. She doesn’t “crawl,” but she certainly gets herself around in an efficient way. Chris said yesterday that Wren reminds him of an ant because of her strength to size ratio. (Remember, folks, he’s an engineer.) I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of Wren as an ant, but it’s fun to try. Try it!

I was telling a friend yesterday that ¬†having a newly mobile baby is like having an entirely new person in the house. She’s lovely and amazing, but I have to rethink my whole *system* because she’s into everything. “Didn’t you know this was coming, Ash?” Yeah, but I really had NO IDEA. Again, I mean well, but what do I know?! Needless to say with these kind of shenanigans, I haven’t been spending much time in Cyberspace this week… but I wanted to give you a little visual snippet of what’s been going on around here. I promise that these snippets will lead to future posts so here’s a snack to whet your appetite. Happy Friday!

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  1. Yes, you are a bit naive … but it’s allll good. I thinkI saw a babygate …. and your sprouts – have your microgreens re-sprouted, or was that a one-shot deal? Wren is the best! Just the best. And so are you. xoooxoxo to you all.

    • baby gate, yup. The sprouts are actually tomatoes, wow! It’s even beginning to smell a bit like tomatoes, yummy. The smell of tomatoes always reminds me of Xerox because he liked to bed down near the cherry tomatoes in the summer.

  2. BTW – did you see after someone’s comment after one of mine, “Are you Mutti or are you Wren’s grandma?” I thought that was funny.

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