Yummy new quest!

I’m excited to give you the inside scoop on my yummy new adventure. The Dairy Lodge Diet!

I admit it. My favorite food is ice cream. My passion for the cool, sweet, creamy stuff has led me to be employed with several different ice cream joints; it turns out this is not good for a gal’s waistline. I even went so far as to own and manage an ice cream joint one year. I think I gained about ten pounds every time I was involved in the operations of an ice cream establishment. It took me three times to learn the lesson. Oof. Finally I decided it’s best for me to be a loyal ice cream customer instead. When our local ice cream stand, The Dairy Lodge, opened for the season this year, I could hardly wait to scurry our family on down there for a vanilla cone with colored sprinkles. While waiting in line and looking at all the possible offerings, I wondered, “who eats gummi bear flurries & marshmallow shakes?” Someone’s got to because they’re still on the menu, right? Why not me? Why not branch out and try everything they have to offer? It always comes from a smiling face so it must taste good… so goes my reasoning.

Please join in and follow along on my quest to try everything on the menu at The Dairy Lodge. What are your favorites? I’d like to hear about them!

In full disclosure, this is my own silly, fun, tasty idea. The Dairy Lodge is not paying me to take this adventure. I’m simply a loyal customer who conveniently lives within walking distance. Dangerous!

Check out my new blog and let me know what you think. mmmmmmm.

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