Cyber news!

Thanks for your patience this week, dear readers! Not too much posting from this Mamma, but I’m excited to report that you can now find us in Cyberspace at a much simpler URL: Yahoo! I’m also excited to report that I’ve been working on another blog idea, which I think you’ll find fun AND tasty. Coming soon to a Web site near you…

Oh! Before I forget, if you enjoy what you read and see here at, will you please sign up to follow me on the right hand side? I usually post on Facebook when I’ve posted something you might like to read or see, but I’d like to get away from using that platform for promotion of this blog. Another reason is that sometimes I forget to post on FB that I’ve posted to the blog. (How many times can you use “post” in one paragraph?) Ha!

Another question. Is it worth it to use Twitter? What value would there be in that to you, folks?

Any big weekend plans? It’s spring again here–almost 60. Yes!


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