Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be posting lightly for the next few days so I can catch up on some work for the real world.

Just a few things I feel compelled to share with you in the meantime…

  • We harvested the microgreens I planted a little while ago. Success! We had a delicious salad, which accompanied some easy (but rich!) baked scotch eggs. I think scotch eggs are the perfect use for leftover hard-boiled eggs from the Easter dye-fest. What’s your favorite use?
  • Planted some thumbelina zinnia seeds yesterday. A colorful mini jump-start to summer on our window sill, yahoo!
  • I’ve never been to Ireland, but the last few misty, foggy, ultra green days transport me to my imaginary Ireland. It’s really nice there. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?


0 thoughts on “cyber-break!

  1. I think you need some garden gnomes ….. ours are still hovering on the back porch – they don’t quite trust the weather yet. I was going to ask if you’d harvested your microgreens – cool! I take it theScotch eggs were edible – they’re a treat, and as you point out, a very rich treat. ‘Tis raining and misty here, too, supposed to drop in temp – I heard you’re in for some COLD weather again. Typical Michigan spring.

  2. Hi Ash, I saw this website: and thought about your spring baking and crafting. They aren’t squirrels or orange, but they are super-adorable – especially the chicks with the little feet and wings. Actually, she has several cake-pop animals – including turkeys and sheep. But no squirrels. I might have to think of some way to make a squirrel cake-pops…

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