toad in a hole squirrel-style

I’m on an egg kick. Last week, Grape Nuts. This week, eggs. I was up early this morning so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick version of “toad in a hole” eggs for breakfast rather than just a fried egg and toast. But remember, be squirrely, right?! So here they are, toad in the hole squirrel-style eggs. Can you help me with a better name for these, geesh?

Happy Tuesday to you! What kind of squirrely things will you be up to today, dear readers?

0 thoughts on “toad in a hole squirrel-style

  1. This Grandma is Spring cleaning closets with piles for the Consignment shop and Lake Lee. Thrift shop. Then I start sorting out Fall and Winter “Stuff”, Ahh, I did NOT wear this at all last Winter, so why am I saving it for another year? NOT. Looking forward to Wed. at 4:00 at Wren’s Nest. Grandma Judy

  2. squirrel-in-a-burrow eggs? squirrel’s den eggs? (that makes me think of a squirrel sitting in a chair reading the paper with its laptop open or something.)

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