A real Fun Guy.

We’re soaking up the sun while we can because a bunch of wet stuff is coming our way. Or so “they” say. Honestly, dear readers, I’m looking forward to it. One word. Morels! I’m actually not a huge fan of eating morels, but the hunt is awfully fun. It’s just a great excuse to get lost in the woods for a few hours. And there’s so much mystery surrounding where you might happen to find them. Every year this seems to get even more confusing with new advice from just about everyone in northern Michigan. But NO ONE shares where they actually find morels, but they might share clues with you. If you’re lucky.

Supposedly helpful clues I’ve heard. Ground that’s been disturbed by a wild fire. Sandy soil. Near rivers, but not near a bog, silly. Six weeks after the ground thaws, but not if it’s been too dry. Never in clay unless there’s organic material nearby. Not near pines, but hardwoods, but not maples. Mostly oak and poplar. Right after a warm rain, but don’t wait too long. And be careful of those false morels! Are you confused yet? Whew. Last year, we found some right in our yard amongst some rocks at 605. And a friend found some in mulch that had just been delivered to her driveway. Boy that Mother Nature does love to keep us on our toes, doesn’t she? Crazy lady.

Maybe this weekend we’ll get out and look in our favorite spots. Chris likes to say, “Ash, you can always look!” He likes to say this throughout the year just to be funny and it always makes me laugh.

In the meantime, isn’t this illustration of a morel just lovely? You can order it through Etsy here.

Still got the Bunny on the brain? I think I’ve got the Bunny on the butt, if you know what I mean. Better get out for a run to burn off some of those mini Cadbury Eggs. Oof.

Happy Monday to you! Speaking of Monday, has the “meatless Monday” trend caught on in your nest? Thinking about it a lot. More on that in a future “ponderings of a wanabee vegetarian” post.


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