Sunday Confessions #2

Being that it’s Sunday, I think a confessions-only post is à propos. Again. I did this a month or so again and I’m feeling like it’s a good time again…


  • I can’t quite describe how excited I am that we have a blooming purple crocus flower near our house. Yes, it’s true! Something is alive out there. Granted it’s in its own ecosystem that only the dryer vent can create, but still. I’m giddy!
  • For the first time in about six months of going to yoga almost every week and leaving Wren with Chris for a couple hours, I didn’t worry about her. I actually was focused on my practice. In a way, I feel great about it because that’s what I should be doing, but also a bit guilty that I wasn’t worried. Such is life. Oy yoy yoy.
  • The Girl Scout cookies were getting the best of me so I gave the last two boxes to Bert and Ernie. They (the cookies, not Bert and Ernie) were really good–as always–but I really have no self-control when there are cookies in the house so I’m breathing a lot easier now. Whew.
  • We have no “Spring Break” plans to speak of, but we love it when all of Traverse City goes to Florida for a week and we have the place to ourselves. Looking forward to a fruity beverage with some friends and a toast to staycations. Maybe I’ll even sneak in ten minutes at the “fake and bake.”  Really?! No, silly. Do you have any big plans, dear readers?
  • Thinking about putting together an Easter basket for Wren with all my favorite Easter candies. Ah the joys of having a wee one who doesn’t eat Easter candy yet! Selfish? Yes. What’s your favorite Easter candy? Easter used to be my favorite holiday simply because of the candy. Although it’s not my favorite holiday anymore, I still rank the candy at the top. Are my priorities really that juvenile? Don’t answer that.
  • This past sleepless week has pushed me one step closer to attempt some “gentle sleep training” with my little birdie. She’s almost ten months old. Does she really need to hang out with me every couple hours? It’s sweet and snuggly and I know it won’t last forever so I’m a bit reluctant, but my body and mind are beginning to become a wee bit … tired, for lack of a more creative, less hackneyed term. See? If I weren’t so tired I might have come up with a better term. Oof.
  • I love dogs, I really do. And it’s not their fault that their owners let them shit on the sidewalk all winter long. But now that the snow is melted and the *tootsie rolls* are revealed like land mines all over the neighborhood, it makes me sneer at every dog that I see. Especially the barking ones because they’re more likely to shit on the sidewalk, right? See the logic in all this? Dog owners, get your shit together.
  • We got a share of grass-fed beef from a local farm earlier this winter and I’ve tried really hard to find tasty ways to prepare all the different cuts. Although it’s better than commercially-raised and processed beef, I still don’t really like it because it’s still beef. I’m thinking a share of pork (excluding ham, YUCK) would be more up my alley… live and learn.
  • Wren’s new-found mobility is thrilling to watch, but I’m not looking forward to a walking Wren. Not for the obvious reasons, but because her beautiful, perfectly round, delicious toes will start to flatten out. Sigh.

Dear readers, what confessions do you have this Sunday morning? By the way, you are forgiven.


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