St. Patrick’s Day is coming up. Are you ready? Yeah, whatever that means. This is one holiday for which I do not even attempt to dress up. So I was caught a bit off guard when I crossed the street today and a gentleman whistled at me and yelled, “leprechaun!” What?! It took me another block to realize why he called me that. Yes, I am short. And yes, I was wearing green galoshes, a darkish green sweater and my new favorite green scarf in a wasabi-esque color. Ahem.

If I were to dress up, I might wear this hat since apparently I already own the rest of the outfit:

No, not really. Are you kidding me?

Do you have any big plans, dear readers? This Mamma does not have any bar-hopping plans on the agenda. No, but thanks for asking… That wasn’t really “me” before I had a baby and it’s certainly not me now. I might actually try to do a traditional boiled dinner with the potatoes, cabbage, corned beef, etc. Yummy! Grab some CEO Stout from Right Brain Brewery and we’ve got a party on our hands…

Love, your leprechaun friend.

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  1. Ironic isn’t it that St. Patrick’s Day is also my “cancer anniversary.” I am as Irish as you can ever be- O’Brien was my mom’s maiden name and now it’s Elliot’s middle name. I remember be wheeled into surgery 6 years ago and everyone commenting on my green nail polish- made them laugh and me smile, on such a worriesome (sp?) day. So, having said that, and having licked the big C, I get to REALLY celebrate every year from now on…too bad I don’t partake in libations, trust me a lunch out with girlfriends, or dinner out with the fam- it’s all good! Give that sweet girl a smooch for me!

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