Remembering the babymoon.

Almost exactly a year ago we went on a “babymoon” to Palm Springs, California for a week and did a whole lot of nothing. It was a blast! Because we’re not venturing anywhere warm and sunny this winter, I thought we all could live vicariously through last year’s trip… grab a fruity beverage and dive in!

We stayed at the Desert Riviera Hotel, which is just a hop, skip and a jump (or quick bike ride) from lovely downtown Palm Springs. The boutique hotel is–in a word–amazing. Service is over the top and the wonderful owners (Larry, Patty and Judy) treat you like they’ve known you forever, in a good way.

Every day, we’d wake up and I’d wobble or waddle (I was pretty darn pregnant then) outside, grab a table and read the LA Times and surf the Internet until we felt like jumping in the pool. Then we proceeded to spend most of the day right there, in the pool. When we shriveled up too much, we’d get out and play a few rounds of Bananagrams (love that game!) Bliss!

This was our second visit to Palm Springs so we didn’t feel pressure to do too much exploring this trip. When we felt like venturing out, we went to our favorite places in and around Palm Springs. Yummy sushi and Mexican eats… long scenic neighborhood walks to enjoy mid-century modern architecture and funky desert landscaping…

a visit to Moorten Botanical Gardens for a succulent fix… this place is FUNKY and only three blocks from the hotel. Love it!

and of course, a visit to the Shield Date Farm for date shakes and the funny “Romance & Sex Life of the Date” film. mmmmmmmmm.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, memorable babymoon. We even got to watch the Oscars on LA time, which meant I didn’t have to stay up too late to see the end. Bonus! Especially for a pregnant lady who nods off around 8:30 this was indeed a special treat. Speaking of Oscars, are you going to an Oscar party, dear readers? Are you hosting one? What’s up with so many nominees anyway? Argghhh.

Hope you enjoyed your Cyber-trip to Palm Springs. I sure did!

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  1. I enjoyed myself sooooo much when I tagged along with my mom and Granny a few years ago. Loved the Desert Riviera! You are not kidding when you say they treat you like they have known you forever. Such a great place to visit and you just helped me relive such a great time I had with my mom and Granny. Oh, and of course our wonderful tour guide! Hope you’re having a sunny day:)

    • So glad you took that trip, Jaymie. My Dad likes to joke that Grandma kept asking him why his (vintage) plates were so heavy? Funny. We ARE having a sunny day. Yahoo!

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