Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Wren and I were on the road for a couple days, but we’re happily back home again in our cozy nest while the snow & blow continues to swirl out there. It was a super fun whirlwind trip to Detroit and back. I found Wren to be pretty darn good company, but I think she found me a bit boring. She started a new sort of babbling that I believe my drivel (“hey Wren, look at that huge snow pile over there! Wow!”) was most likely the catalyst for… and the one tooth is actually TWO teeth. She’s such a trooper, that little birdie. I swear she’s turning into a little girl more every day, yikes!

One highlight from our trip was a pit-stop at Ikea. I’m a sucker for that place. As it turns out, Wren seems to be giddy over cheap Scandinavian stuff too! We both got a kick out of these cookie cutters:


I can’t wait to make some cookies with them. And after almost nine months without a working oven, we now have one! Chris is amazing; he single-handedly brought our electrical system into the 21st century and we are so very, very (very) grateful. Go, Chris! So if I gain about ten pounds in the next week, this is why: lasagna, muffins, shepherd’s pie, cookies, cupcakes, OH MY!

More soon. Happy mid-week, dear readers.

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