Breaking news from Wren’s nest…

The wakeful nights mystery has been solved! Wren’s first tooth is breaking through and I think it might just belong to a shark. Ouch! Way to go, little birdie.

I realize it’s a little early to be thinking about the Tooth Fairy, but a tooth seems like it pushes a baby one step (err, crawl?) closer to being a toddler. So it got me thinking about tooth pillows and pouches. Of course, I hopped right on Etsy and found this adorable tooth pillow.

I also love this idea for making your own tooth pouch, found on the Purl Bee site. Cute and *sew* easy, right?!


Dear readers, how does the Tooth Fairy work her (his?) magic in YOUR nest? What successful teething aids have you used? Whiskey? Frozen waffles? Cold washcloths? …

On a side note, I’ll be posting lightly in the next few days as Wren and I are hitting the road soon. Detroit 2010 Or Bust, Baby! While we’re on the road together, I plan on bouncing some blog ideas around, which made me think, what do YOU want to read about? I’m thinking of doing some taste tests – first one being something dear to my heart and belly. Windmill cookies. Something to look forward to, right?!

Happy weekend to all the birdies in your nest.

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  1. When we were living on Lake Street (right down the lake from you), I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed that our freezer was essentially full of fruit (okay, and a bottle of Grey Goose). Ramekin after ramekin of frozen blueberries became a nutritious, non-medicated saving grace for Bella to cut many her new ‘toofers’. Obviously, she’s still smitten with the berries in preparation for her six-year molars. She polished off a whole quart just the other day.

    • I love the image of your freezer full of blueberries. mmmmm. Go, Bella and your fruit consumption! I met your friend, Stephanie Slawnick (sp?) today at a playgroup. Malcolm and Wren were born one day apart. I think they are going to be fast friends. Hope all is well with you and Bella and your berries!

  2. Have fun. The Slawnik bunch are loads and loads of fun and are capable of insurmountable amounts of the best-kind-of funny business.

  3. My favorite tooth fairy idea from a friend of mine is that their tooth fairy gives coins from foreign countries. Not too surprising that her kids love to travel and her youngest son went with her to Egypt and Tanzania last year–I think he was six years old.

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