I’ve been thinking about imaginative storytelling lately and how I’m no good at it AT ALL, but would like to be. What kid doesn’t like to hear a good story, right? Every time I’m asked to tell a story, I clam up and the story goes nowhere. If only nowhere were an interesting place… Here are a few funky finds that could help all ages with storytelling. Enjoy!

The Small Object’s Tell Me a Story Set. According to their Web site, fork over $35 and…

The Tell Me A Story Set comes with three natural wooden Story Starter Dice, a 50-page Match + Write Notepad and laminated Index Sheet. To play, you roll the dice which features images of objects, people or settings and tell a story based on the pictures that appear. Younger children can then circle the images on the Match + Write Pad that correspond to the images on the dice, while older children can also enjoy writing down their story on the bottom half of the pad. The Index Sheet acts as a glossery and word speller helper for all the images on the dice. Whether they write down the stories, or you write them down, you can enjoy reading them over and over again after each round is played for tons of storytime fun.

Make sure to click around on The Small Object’s site. There is some funky handmade stuff, which makes me laugh and smile. I hope it brings you some Monday joy too!


I don’t know what it’s like where you are (where are you, anyway?), but it’s COLD today here in northern Michigan. The man on the radio said 5. That’s what happens when the sky clears up and the ominous cloud cover dissipates. Damn sun! I know, we’re never happy. So today would be a great day to tell a story about some colorful penguins, right? I know that’s exactly what you were thinking too. Then you HAVE to have these penguin finger puppets.

Or perhaps you’d rather be playing in the garden, at least in the stories you will be telling… Well, folks, then I have found the finger puppet set for YOU!

Got some time on your hands this winter? Why not build your own puppet theatre! The one pictured below is not exactly like the one in Sound of Music, but we can’t all live like the Van Trapp family… Speaking of the Van Trapps, which one did you want to be? If Wren doesn’t LOVE that film, it’ll absolutely break my heart. Into lots and lots of very tiny pieces, which could not be put back together again.

You know what kind of storytelling I’m pretty good at? Mad Libs. Inside scoop: go to Wendy’s and order a kid’s meal. The toy right now? (At least in our neck-of-the-woods.) That’s right, dear readers, Mad Libs! Make haste and grab yourself a Frosty while you’re at it. Nothing like a mini Frosty when it’s 5 degrees.

Happy February! Someone told me once that we gain two HOURS of sunlight by the end of the 28 days of February and every year I pass this fun fact along. Actually, I don’t know if it’s a fact; it’s just one of those things I believe to be true. And it’s the age of Aquarius and you know what that means? Time for me to eat some birthday cupcakes soon, yee-haw!

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