squirrel finds to get you through hump day.

Happy Wednesday afternoon. Yes, dear readers, you are more than halfway to the weekend. Yeah!

In honor of hump day, I have to share a few squirrely finds with you. HAVE TO.

My friend, Victoria Velting, makes some very cool stuff. Although she’s famous for her gorgeous purses and totes, she also now makes a line of funky upcycled kids clothing. Here is one squirrely piece that you might just have to snatch up from her Etsy shop. A squirrely union suit!

OK, lovebirds and squirrel lovers, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Don’t you need to have these squirrels? They’re in love after all. And simply darling, aren’t they?

If you don’t need more stuffies in your life, you probably know someone who would swoon for this sweet hat. The squirrels are in love again. Of course.

Love this hat!

What squirrely kinds of things are you up to today? Do you have any squirrely plans for Valentine’s Day? Wait, you probably don’t really need to share those. But something for you to ponder anyway…

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