fun font find.

Universal. Spot on!

I love typography so this was a fun little early morning Cyber-exercise to do. A little interactive font fun: What Type Are You? Enter ‘character’ when the program asks you for a Password. Enjoy!

If you also love typography, you’ve probably seen the film Helvetica. If you haven’t, make haste and put it in your Netflix queue today!

After this, I’m off to do some real exercise later this morning at the Mom/Baby Exercise class at Equilibrium in downtown Traverse City. Fun with the babe. Hopefully this week she won’t spit up all over my face when I do a “baby press” over my head, yuck. Happy Monday!

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  1. “Archer Hairline – a modern typeface with tiny outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotion…” huh. Totally agree that you are Universal!!

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