disaster zones.

I got a lovely e-mail from one of my three fantastic sister-in-laws the other day, asking me how I manage to do everything. I just chuckled to myself because this came from a woman who has three (3!) children, manages to always look amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her raise her voice to anyone. “If only you saw the state of my affairs today,” I thought… I often ruminate on my domestic accomplishments, but today I’m going to ramble a bit about some of my disaster zones. (No, I’m not going to show you a photo of my cellulite.) We’ve all got at least one disaster zone, right? Please tell me you do too.

Disaster Zone 1

The catch-all craft/office/blech room that has yet to be officially unpacked since we moved in about eight months ago. Every day I work in this room and just about go over the edge. Where to begin? I’ve been procrastinating this project because I have no definitive vision for it yet. Dear readers, do you have some ideas or inspirations for this space?

Disaster Zone 2

My rain boots. I love these boots and I’ve only had them a little over a year, but they’ve acquired cracks. This has obviously rendered them useless. But I decided instead of buying a new pair, I would fix them! Great idea, right? Chris reluctantly picked up a roll of brown electrical tape that I requested from Home Depot. He was not optimistic, but I was. So the color wasn’t quite right, but it was close enough and I could get another season–at least–out of them. Wrong. The first time I wore them through the sloppy mess out there, the tape began to peel away. Damn! Now what, dear readers, do I do with this pair of boots? Is there a better way of fixing them? Is it worth it? Should I try brown duct tape? HELP!


  • I know many people in northern Michigan are appreciative of this thaw we’re experiencing. I am not one of them. Double yuck!
  • Orange is my favorite color today. Yup.
  • Wren has to have her flu booster shots this morning. Trying to figure out how I’m going to treat myself after dealing with that. It’s got to be one of the hardest things as a new parent and it doesn’t get easier, does it? I think she fares better than I do. Maybe I’ll get a mini Frosty. That always does the trick. At least for a little while.
  • I might need to invest in a pair of ear plugs because Wren is practicing a new very high-pitched squeal. OUCH!


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  1. I will help you- no charge with your craft/junk room. Shelving, a nice table in the middle, storage bins- we can do before and after pics for my web site! Do you have stuff we can borrow from other rooms to get you organized? Get rid of the boots, go directly to Target- they have cute and cheap replacements!

  2. ditch the boots. Obviously not worth the price if they couldn’t even get you through one season. Sorry about that – as I recall, I think I gave them to you. Go to Calders and get a frozen custard after the flu shot – better than a frosty – at least that’s my opinion. Hey – be happy you have a space for your projects!!! I envy that space like you wouldn’t believe! My little corner in the living room is a mess, too – I bought a wood file drawer that looks like real furniture and serves to store a lot of charts, kits, fabric, etc. Still haven’t found the real answer to organization, though. Love your blogs!

  3. OK, Ashlea here it goes. As I have definately been one of those readers, with NO input, I actually had a thought about your disaster zones. Zone 1, “Form follows function,” now 8 months later, you seem to have a good feeling as to the functions you will be doing in that room, so look at ways to organize the items you like in use there. I’m certain you’ve thought of that. Zone 2, You are so creative. Get colored Duct tape and do some sort of a design,colored pattern on your boots while covering the leaks. Also Ann Gregory asked me if you would consider selling your little coffee jackets? Hope you and Wren got through the shot session, Oh how I also used to hate that, and worse yet was giving them to the little ones. Hope you enjoy the soup. Hugs Judy

  4. Judy – super ideas! You are so right about “form follows function” in this case. I love the idea about the duct tape too. I’m going to do that to get me through this sloppy season. Fun idea! As for the coffee sleeves, I don’t think I’ll sell them at this point–but I’m flattered– as it takes me a LONG time to make them and nobody would pay $90 for a coffee sleeve, ha ha ha! There are some fantastic, affordable coffee sleeves on Etsy though… check out my blog update on Wren’s shots. Amazing gal that Wren! p.s. just had my enchiladas for lunch – better today!

  5. Confessions…had to give my own children their second booster flu shot once; needed two Frosty’s to recover.

    Disaster 2: OMG…I love those boots! I have a pair just like…right down to the cracks in the same places!

    I am going to try superglue…we’ll compare duct vs. glue.

    Disaster 1: 8 months to ruminate is really not bad; if it looks the same after 8 years, then we need to have cocktails!

  6. On the flu shot front, the last time Will needed a shot the nurse rubbed a special cream on his arm that numbed the skin briefly before she inserted the needle. He was more fascinated by what she was doing, didn’t seem to feel the needle at all, and didn’t cry. I kept shaking my head in shock.

    Now, this was in the kids ER (long story), so it’s possible this is some miracle cream only for emergencies. but I am going to ask it about it anytime we need shots!

  7. That cream is called Emla, I used it during Chemo and it was given to me by a friend who is a pediatric oncologist. It really does work! Ash where have you been today? Let’s talk next week for our plan of attack on the disaster zone!

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